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After the division in the Free Church of Scotland in 2000 there was some doubt about the future of the Free Church School in Theology. This School, then in its 49th year, was always independent from the control of Church Courts, and had independently-appointed office-holders. It happened that at the time of the division all the main office-holders were in the Continuing Church. Rev William Macleod (Portree) the Chairman, the Rev Harry Woods (Thornwood) the Treasurer, and the Rev John Keddie (Bracadale) the Secretary. It is therefore, effectively, organised by the Continuing Church. The School went ahead as before and met between 18th and 21st September, 2000, at Larbert. By general consent it was one of the most successful and encouraging Schools of recent years, with some 30 residents and a few day visitors attending, including 10 brethren from Ulster.

The School is intended for the instruction, encouragement and fellowship of ministers in biblical and reformed truths. It is always good to see some laymen, and brethren from Ireland and England at the School. It is by no means a talk-shop, or of merely academic interest. The topics discussed cover a wide range of doctrinal and practical concerns. It is open to all ministers, elders and other Christian workers. It is held at a beautiful location in the Boys’ Brigade Training Centre at Carronvale House, Larbert. As an opportunity for Reformed teaching across a wide spectrum of topics, and for rich fellowship in a relaxed atmosphere, the School is warmly commended to all ministers and as many elders who can come for the three nights in September.